Parent’s Hand Book


We welcome you to our family here at Nataly’s  family child care. The purpose of this handbook is to provide you,The parent or guardian,as much information as possible about our daily activities and policies. We strive to ensure the highest quality care for all children. Our goal is to   establish a clear lead line of communication with you and your family. Please read this document carefully . By signing the “ parent “ “Acknowledges “ on the last page that you agree that you have read and understood the parent handbook and the polices in it .

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At Nataly’s Family Child Care we strive to provide a welcoming,safe,stimulating,creative,and nurturing for infants,toddlers,and children of all ages.we encourage children to try new things,ask questions,explore ideas,and discover themselves.we provide exposure to sights,sounds,and experience to help children learn and grow.We teach children life skill such as learning how to share. Taking turns,following directions,and using words to solve problems.We provide unconditional love and emotional security,a sense of routine,and an opportunity to be creative and playful.

                             G E N E R A L   I N F O R M A T I O N

Owner:      Nataly Celis

Address:    6 Alexandria Irvine Ca, 92614

Phone :       949-285-8008

Email :

                                        L I C E N S E

Nataly’s Family Child Care is licensed by the state of California

Facility Number: 304312938                                                 Page 2



We are mandated to report child abuse. If we have suspicions that a child is being abused or neglected,we will make a report to the local children’s services of children is our primary concern.

                       C U S T O D Y    A G R E E M E N T S

Any custodial parents or guardians of a child enrolled with us is permitted unlimited access to their child during the hours of operation. A parent who is not the child’s residents parent shall be afforded the same rights as the residential parent unless there is court documentation limiting access and conditions of nonresidential parent. Upon entering the premises the parent or guardian shall notify the owner or designee of their presence.



                                 SPECIAL NEED CHILDREN

We do our best to accommodate children with special need. Please inform us of any/ all special need at the time of enrollment so we can determine if the special needs can be met and quality care can be provided.



We are open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. We  offer the second Saturday open arrival and extended stay upon request,with a minimum of 24 hours prior notice.   We have a parents night out every four Friday.                                          Page 3

                                            H O L I D A Y S

We are closed on federal holiday including

  • New Year Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independent Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day
  • Christmas
  • President’s Day
  • July 4th
  • Veterans Day

We will notify you in advance.

                                    C A P A C I T Y

We are licensed as Large  Family Child Care Home.

                                      S C H E D U L E

Our schedule is attempted daily but under no circumstances is this schedule forced on any child. As a general rule, all infants are changed as need and / or every two hours.Infants are fed when they are hungry unless the parent or physician has instructed differently. All infants will be placed on their back to sleep. We will never allow a hungry child to go without food


We are closed on federal holiday including

  • New Year Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independent Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day
  • Christmas
  • President’s Day
  • July 4th
  • Veterans Day

We will notify you in advance.


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A child considered to be enrolled with us after receipt of the first attendance fee. Before your child’s First day of attendance you must complete the requested enrollment and emergency contact information forms.



Fees are set before the first day of attendance, We accept cash or personal check. Siblings discounts are available upon request. Registration fee $ 65

                             ILLNESS  OR   ABSENCE

Whenever possible, parents should provide 7 – days advance notice of a vacation or absence. In the event of sudden illness,once the weekly fee has been paid, it cannot be refunded.


                            C H E C K  F E E

A fee of $30.00 will be required if any check is returned for non- sufficient funds. The owner reserves the right to require payments by cash or money order.



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                     WITHDRAWALS  NOTICE

We request two weeks notice to the owner prior to withdrawal date.

                                          R E F E R R A L S

We believe your experience with us will be a positive one.As a parent you may be asked to recommend a childcare  to other. We would like to show our appreciation for your recommendation and referral you will receive a $50 credit for every full- time child enrolled.

                GUIDANCE  AND   MANAGEMENT

We are committed to enhancing self- esteem; therefore we do not condone behavior that shame or humiliates any child. We will always attempt to use developmentally appropriate techniques to redirect inappropriate behavior. The following behaviors are taught early and reinforced constantly.

  • Every child shall respect the body space of other. No hitting,shoving,tripping,pinching or biting is not allowed.
  • Everyone helps clean- up after eating. We clean up one activity before starting another.
  • Leaving the play area unaccompanied or straight out of eyesight is not permitted.
  • Guns or other war-like toys may not be brought or constructed
  • We encourage politeness in interaction,especially the use of “please and “thank you “
  • Gum chewing is not allowe page 7

                                   DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES

We have a positive discipline policy that uses redirection to encourage children to make better choices,and reinforces through praise and encouragement. When there is a need for correcting, we will.

  • Tell the child what behavior is desired and show him/ her if necessary. This will be done in a quiet,gentle way, encouraging the child to use acceptable behavior.
  • Give the child choices. If he/ she is disruptive,give him/her a choice between acceptable behavior or be removed from the current activity.
  • Engage bodily restraint only if a child is in danger or is endangering other.
  • Request a meeting with parent or guardian if unacceptable behavior persists. We will suggest a plan that incorporates parent/guardian participation into a behavior modification plan.
  • Suggest professional counseling at meeting with parent/ guardian if all other methods have failed.

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.                                          SUPERVISION


At no time will a child be left unattended,including nap time.if a child becomes ill,they may be separated a small distance from the other children. The health and safe of each child is our primary concern and we will remain alert to safety needs, attempt to anticipate possible hazards and take necessary precautions and preventive measures wherever possible.

* Children may not be dropped off on the street outside or sent in alone.

* At pick up time,the parent/guardian is asked to make contact with owner or designee before departing, after which we are no longer responsible for your child.

                                    RELEASE OF A CHILD

We will only release a child to the parent or guardian. If an emergency arises,the parent must provide written and signed notification give another person to pick up their child. We will ask for photo identification as confirmation.if a note is not presented, we will attempt to reach you. If we are unable to reach you we will not release your child.

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                        MEALS AND SNACKS

We provide a nutritious breakfast,lunch and snack. Please let us know in advance if you child is not permitted to have specific food due to allergies or religious beliefs.

.                                   E M E R G E N C I E S

In the event of an emergency we will evacuate or shelter- in – place as necessary. If we evacuate the premises, we will begin contacting parents/ guardians. If we are unable to reach you we will begin calling emergency contacts as specified on enrollment forms. If a minor accident/ injury occurs,we will administer basic first aid. You will be advised of any incident and/ or treatment provide. If emergency medical treatment is needed we will first call 911, then contact the parent/ guardian.


Medications will only be administered if a physician’s note is provided with complete instructions and the prescription label is attached to the original prescription container with the child’s name, a current date and dosage amount.with written instructions from parent/ guardian and the original container with dosage specified, we will administer.

  • Non- prescription fever/ Pain reducing medication that does not contain aspirin
  • Cough/ Cold medication that does not contain codeine
  • Non- prescription topical products/ location.

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                   T R A N S P O R T A T I O N

We will provide transportation for field trips and routine trips back and forth to neighboring school.Prior to transporting your child we will secure your permission.

                   W A T E R   S A F E T Y

We enjoy water play activities in wading pool and sprinkles. Please supply a bathing suit ( and cover- up if need) and pre-apply sun screen when the weather permits such activity. We will supervise children closely and shall be able to clearly see all parts of the swimming area including the bottom of pool. Children that are unable to swim will be restricted to shallow area only.

O U T D O O R   P L A Y

We have a fence – in play area for our children to enjoy when the weather permits. We encourage play time outdoors every day unless inclement weather prohibits it. Please make sure to send the proper clothing for the season with your child everyday. We make sure that children are dressed appropriately before going outside. We play with sprinkles and / or wading pool may be included. We encourage parents to send their children wearing comfortable play clothes as they may become dirty or stained. We will change the change the children into clean and dry clothing if an additional outfit is provide.

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                               R E S P E C T

We do not condone disrespect to or from parent or children. We wish to provide a safe, loving and nurturing place for the children in our care. Children lead by example and if they you are disrespectful then they too will be disrespectful.


We welcome parents any time to join us during the day to evaluate a child’s care. We welcome the celebrations of a child’s birthday and if you wish to provide a birthday snack or cake please let us know in advance.

    W H A T  T O  B R I N G

Change of clothing

Each child should have an extra full set of clothing ( pan,shirt,socks and underwear) . Please make sure that the extra clothes are suitable for the season and still fit. Each piece of clothing should be clearly labeled with the child’s name.


If your infant requires a special diet of BREASTMILK or formula , please provide enough clearly labeled bottle to last thought the day.


All children who are not yet completely potty training must have a full supply of diapers and wipes daily. Diaper rash creams should be included if necessary.

S E C U R I T Y.     I T E M S

If your child  requires a favorite blanket, toy or item in order to take a nap, please provide it and make sure it is clearly labeled. Please don’t forget to take it home with you at pick up.


In addition to comfortable play clothing,we encourage you to have children wear sturdy 12 shoes. Tennis shoes are BEST . Velcro fasteners are preferred. Please make sure your child has appropriated outerwear such as coat,hoodie,hat,mittens swimsuit,cover and sunscreen.


DONATIONS : donations of gently used toy,craft supplies,unused diapers or unopened snack are always appreciate.


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                  PARENT    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

Please note that the police and procedures in this handbook are subject to revision as deemed necessary by NATALY’S FAMILY CHILD CARE.


Please sign below and return this form prior to enrollment.

Child’s Name(s)__________________________________


Signed: ________________________ Date:___________

             (Mother or legal Guardian)

Signed:_________________________ Date:___________

            (Father or Legal Guardian)


                                   ( owner of Nataly’s family child care)