Our policy

Pick-Up Policy

PURPOSE: To maintain the integrity of the program and to respect the hours of operation of the program, the following policy has been put into place.

POLICY: The Adventure Club site location closes at 5:30 pm. All children are expected to be picked up by a parent or authorized guardian by 5:30 pm. If a parent/guardian arrives after 5:30 pm., families will be charged a designated late fee.  There will be no exceptions or warnings. If a parent/guardian is late for whatever reason (flat tire, heavy traffic, weather conditions etc.) a late charge will be issued. A “no exceptions” policy makes it easier to apply the late policy to everyone consistently and fairly.


• If you know you are running late, please contact your child’s Site Manager and let them know the anticipated time of pick-up. It is helpful for teachers to know in advance so they can help your child adjust to the late departure. It also helps the teacher plan for staff coverage during the minutes the child is remaining in the program. If there is more than one child remaining past 5:30 pm we may combine the remaining children to one group. If a child is moved to a different area of the school a note will be posted on the outside of the site location’s door indicating the location of pick-up. The child’s belongings will be with the child at the pick-up point.

• If a parent has not contacted the Site Manager by 5:45, the Site Manager will follow the contact protocol below:

  1. First the parent/legal guardian will be called.
  2. If the parent/legal guardian cannot be reached, we will call from the child’s authorized emergency contact list.  We will continue to attempt contact with the parent/legal guardian and/or the authorized emergency contacts until 6:00 pm.
  3. If by 6:00 pm, we are still not able to reach any parent/legal guardian and/or an authorized emergency contact, we will call Child Protective Services and/or the local police department.
  4. Child Protective Services can be reached at: (800) 552-7096.

• Parent must sign out their child with the accurate time of pick-up on the ‘Late Pick-up Form’. Pick-up time is determined from the Programs clock setting.

• If you are having consistent difficulties in picking up your child by 5:30 pm please talk to Nataly  (the child care provider).

Consistent late pick-ups without significant communication may lead to dismissal from the program.



– After 5 minutes:  A $1.00 per minute late fee is charged